DEPOT Software distinguishes itself in the following ways of other business solutions,setting a new standard in operational management software


The Philosophy behind the software

Not just a software package. Built on a philosophy matching the sectors’ needs

Extension and/or replacement of basic elements

The architecture of DEPOT Software enables expansion, or even replacement of basic elements. This enables you to fully modify small or large program components into a business process. Adaptation in a business process can still take place, but rather because it is “the right way to do it” than because it is a forced workaround to accommodate the application.

The real world

This approach of the DEPOT Software architecture enables reporting and analysis without restrictions or limits.  If the data is present, the information is available to the right person at the right time.

Connections &

DEPOT Software is extremely suitable for connecting to other processes & applications. The DEPOT Software HUB, our middleware, ensures that one or more messages can be sent digitally at different times. Depending on your requirements, different types of files can be implemented. (E.g. EDI, Webservices, Excel or an alternative format).

Happy flows.
Simplified user experience

We noticed that ineffective input and workarounds often lead to lost information and an inability to generate the required reports. DEPOT Software solves this by making extensive use of wizards and custom screens that match the business processes. This “happy flow” accelerates 90 percent of the data to speed up data entry and promote users’ adoption.
Workflows that represent real life operations, user-defined work lists, role-based access, and interactive forms all enhance the usability of DEPOT Software.

No feature lock

DEPOT Software is an independent software vendor, and both owner and developer of the software. The complete management is performed by the organization itself. This allows functional adjustments at a deep level, meaning there is little or no chance of major restrictions or feature-lock-in.

Setting a new standard

These are our best practices for Depot Yard Management in the areas of Gate In Process, Cleaning, Heating, Estimating and Repair, Yard  Management, Purchase to Pay, SHEQ Management, Order to Cash, Financial Services (Invoicing, EDI), Sales, CRM etc.

Tank container service provider specific functionality

DEPOT Software provides all  industry-specific features that  enable organizations to leverage  industry-wide best practices.


Simplified user experience

Real Life workflows (happy flows), Yard Orders, Process Templates,  user-defined work lists, role-based access, and interactive forms all enhance the usability of DEPOT Software.


Advanced business intelligence, reporting and analytics

We offer solutions that give you better insight into your business and processes.

Enterprise service-oriented architecture  

Reusable enterprise services are readily available for deploying flexible business processes.


Innovation without disruption

DEPOT Software contains improved  general business and industry functionality, enterprise services, and other interface and process improvements. Enhancement packages (new functionality) are cumulative and can be downloaded and installed as part of a support pack update. You can then activate specific business functions contained in the enhancement package, which facilitates the rapid, nonintrusive deployment of selected functional and process improvements on your own timetable.