Gijsbert Dekker Business Unit Manager 22 May 2017

We proudly present: DEPOT Insights


Working on a Depot yard is hard work. Containers and customers are coming and going, all day, every day. Losing insights to that data can happen to anyone. We, at DEPOT Software wanted to aid Depot and cleaning yards in their data-managing. Therefore we created DEPOT insights. 


DEPOT Insights is an application that grants you an immense amount of depth in your company’s data. By visualizing your depot data, you gain a better understanding on how your company is doing and limit risks to a minimum.

Whether you want to know how one department is doing or maybe you’d rather see all the data from all departments. Or perhaps you want to have pie charts or bar charts. DEPOT Insights is the best way to do this.

DEPOT Insights will not only help you understand your company better, it will help you communicate better internally and externally. You will notice when processes aren’t operating as smoothly and this will allow you to make improvements much faster. This will result in happier customers, which will result in a happy you. DEPOT Insights will help you save money, make better decisions and keep your company healthy and innovative in this competing industry.

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