The Cleaning Guard Solution passed the SGF audit

On the 22th of October the Cleaning Guard Solution has been audited by SGF (Sure-Global-Fair). SGF is a partner for all matters concerning quality, safety, authenticity and sustainability of fruit juices. We are proud to inform you that the system has passed the Accreditation-Audit.

SGF audit report accreditation rapport states “The auditor concludes that the present system of Gröninger-Lucrasoft-Cleaning Guard-, as a third party data processing, is robust and reliable and in general complies with requirements as laid down in the SGF Control Code. Taking everything into consideration the auditor recommends SGF International e.V. to accredit Gröninger-Lucrasoft as a third party with a robust, reliable and working data monitoring system.”

The Cleaning Guard was developed in collaboration between Gröninger Cleaning Systems, DEPOT Software and Tank Cleaning Europoort, a leading innovator in the industry, providing tank cleaning companies with all needed hard- and software to manage, control and monitor all cleaning operations. Combining the expertise and know-how of three leading specialists the systems perfectly matches the workflow of a tank cleaning process. Guarantying your customer the  highest quality cleaning faster than ever before.