DEPOT Newsletter September '21

Replace your CRP interface

Do you use the 'Centraal Registratiepunt Gevaarlijke Stoffen' (CRP)? Safety District Rotterdam – Rijnmond Netherlands replaces the current CRP system.

The implementation of the new Operational Information system in case of 'Operationele Informatie bij incidenten met Gevaarlijke Stoffen' (OIGS) has been started.
When dealing with incidents involving hazardous substances, the OIGS system gives emergency services direct access to necessary and up-to-date operational information.

DEPOT Software has the OIGS interface available to exchange the information with the OIGS system.

Contact our supportdesk for more information.

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E-invoice module

Are you asked to submit invoices only as e-invoices? We have an e-invoice (NLCIUS) module available.

Ask our consultants to explain the possibilities.

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Find more info about some of our partners

Gröninger Cleaning Systems BV
DEPOT Software has a Cleaning System connection Interface with the Gröninger cleaning system that’s equipped with a computer and various sensors in order to store cleaning methods, track usage data and implement various safety routines. Together with Gröninger Cleaning Systems BV it results in an attest for each cleaning order.

DEPOT Software created a Cindax interface to import product data and cleaning instructions into DEPOT Software for a specific product that Cindax provides.

Transport BI

Interface and extraction of valuable data from the DEPOT Software Published Data Layer (PDL) with Power BI. The DEPOT Software Published Data Layer is a predefined set of documented database functions.

It is intended as the single point of access for the extraction of valuable data from the DEPOT Software database, which can then be used by external tools as a source for reporting, data analysis, metrics, dashboards, KPIs etc. Read more about Transport BI via this link: https://transportbi.nl/



Interfaces we provide

DEPOT Software provides external, operational and financial connections with several parties. Some of our interfaces:

  • EDI
  • Weighing bridge
  • Financial systems
  • PLC Connector
  • Fire Department Reporting
  • ERP
  • Document Imaging
  • One to be One