DEPOT Newsletter October '21

Artificial Intelligence

To enable you to make the next move. We offer an interface with deep-learning AI systems.

Recognized data can automatically be stored in DEPOT Software!

This enables new opportunities like:

  • Speed up acceptance process
  • Real-time checks for equipment arrival/departure
  • Trigger live arrival/departure events for stakeholders
  • Verify containers leave with the right ADR labels to ensure safety
  • Reach stacker container number recognition

Check out the latest solutions for visual tank container recognition and contact us to discuss possibilities! Are you ready for your next move?

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Improved security DEPOT for Mobile

Due to upgraded global online certificate security standards on 2021-09-30, the minimum Android version required for unobstructed use of DEPOT for Mobile was improved from 5.0 to 7.1.

The minimum Android version requirements for DEPOT for Mobile have been changed accordingly. Please note that DEPOT Software does not support temporary workarounds, since they can become obsolete unexpectedly.

Technical details on the global online certificate security subject can be found here.

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Joining forces with Tank Cleaning Europoort

“Literally everyone and anything on-site is operating with the software. From the first contact with the customer until the invoice process. Every move and action is controlled and registrated by DEPOT Software." 

For a long time we have been joining forces with Tank Cleaning Europoort. We keep innovating and growing closely together. For this article we spoke with Terry de Mello, General Manager at TCE about our collaboration and new ways the company is making their next move.

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