Gerjan van der Giessen Marketing- & Communication Manager 16 October 2014

Newsletter October 2014

With our DEPOT Software we promise you a solution to manage all challenges on your container depot and terminal. Allowing you to work faster, safer and more efficient new functionality is added to the software every day. This year we have a strong focus on developing new tools. We are proud to introduce five (5!) new modules and a FREE mobile app called the DEPOT Image App. Read all about in the articles below.


DEPOT Image App: Released!

Creating Photo Reports and sending them to your repair department, lease company, customer or insurance agent has never been easier. Just make a photo(s) with your smartphone, upload into them into our cloud and send them to anyone you want! Start using this next generation depot yard tool for free on your iOS and Android devices.


Short News

Planning & Transport
Expanding their businesses a growing number of depot companies are offering transport services. Or the other way around, transporters are offering depot services. Both way they can manage all activities in just one solution.

Q4 modules
The Planning & Transport module is part of the new modules releases. At the end of this year the software is also ready for: Leasing, Trading, Transshipment and Container Terminals with new dedicated activity modules.

Custom development
Changing regulations by (local) governments can have great impact on your processes and your employees workload. Because DEPOT Software holds all of your data we can easily indent to changes and build a custom solution / workflow perfectly matching your wishes.