Gerjan van der Giessen Marketing- & Communication Manager 25 March 2021

Meet our new general manager: Angelique Noordijk

We are very pleased to tell you Angelique Noordijk has, as of the 1th of March, started as our General Manager. Angelique has a lot of experience in the tank container industry working at depot yards for many years. In recent years she has been working as a freelancer in the sector, including as a consultant for DEPOT Software. We are very happy that she is now joining our team full-time to help build the software.


Update calendar 2021

The process of updating your DEPOT Software environment is something we are changing at this moment. Starting this quarter, we perform the updates according to a fixed rhythm. A calendar is now being drawn up for this, so that it is clear to everyone involved when a new update will be installed.

In phases, we are contacting all users of the software to agree whether you want to use this fixed update rhythm for your organization. If you have not yet received an e-mail or telephone and would like to start immediately, please contact us via +31 78 68 11 502 or send an e-mail to [email protected]


Updating via Octopus

To manage the deploy of new updates we use Octopus Deploy. This is a software tool and single place to manage releases, automate deployments, and automate the runbooks that keep your software operating. This ensures a reduction of time and human errors in the update process. Whenever you are interested in using this for your software updates and make this process a lot smoother each time a new version is deployed, please contact Frank of more information.

Contact Frank


Batchmodule: new & now available

Quickly add multiple similar orders as pre-announcements (expected yard orders) using the pre-announcement manual batch importer. Add services by a trajectory workflow template that can be pre-configured to contain specific services with specific detailed actions and prices. Generated orders are accessible from the batch order. Various batch operations can be executed at once on the whole set of orders. Order documents can be printed on the whole set or single order. Ask Frank for a trail and more information.

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