Gerjan van der Giessen Marketing- & Communication Manager 19 July 2021

DEPOT Newsletter July '21

SYNDA connectoin is live

We’ve put, in close collaboration with our partner DucthGrit, the Synda connection between TCE and DEPOT Software live! Synda is built on Azure and provides data integrations for the tank container industry as VAN (Value Added Network).

Synda accepts any file format, converts the data and delivers the data in any format to the receiving party. With Synda we relieve our customers in writing and maintaining 1-on-1 connections between parties.

Have you already become enthusiastic about Synda? Schedule an online demo now or contact Frank for more information!

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Welcome! | Team update

DEPOT Software team development and consultancy has expanded. Reinier Klarenberg, Tyrone Krieger, Kevin Brobbel and Martijn van Berkel recently started as software developers, Arita van ‘t Zelfde has joined our team as an software consultant. Peter Peerlkamp will join us in August.

Saalemühle tank cleaning with DEPOT Software

In our latest business case Ronny Sonntag, Project manager at Saalemühle, shared his experiences with DEPOT Software and the way it supports them with their ambitions to take the operation to the next level.

"Before we worked with handwritten sheets and did a lot of manual work, which had a high error sensitivity to it. We were ready for the next step. Together with DEPOT Software we were able to build an innovative software system for our Truck Wash." Read all about Ronny's views on this process in the interview we've had after finishing the project.

Read the article with Ronny



Welcome! | Murphy’s Transport Ltd

We welcome Murphy’s Transport Ltd at DEPOT Software. They are ready for their Next Move with DEPOT Software Cloud.

Their Container Service includes the handling, storage and repair of containers at the Cork depot. All types of fully laden containers ('open tops', 'refrigerated' needing plug in etc.) are catered for and they also provide a stripping, reloading and distribution service if required.



Announcement: Driver Kiosk module

The new module Driver information screen for the driver kiosk (a preview is shown next to this article) is available soon.



Anniversary: DEPOT Software 25 years

Maybe you have already noticed our temporary logo. This year Lucrasoft ICT Group celebrates its 25th Anniversary! Thanks you all for the flowers, gifts and congratulations!