DEPOT Newsletter August '21

New features and demos

The vacation season is almost over. Time for new features and demos!

Our DEPOT for Mobile (DFM) platform increases productivity on the yard, enforces process workflows and removes the need for erroneous and time-consuming manual input.

The Depot for Mobile platform consists of multiple apps. By using either one or all of them, it is easier to organise and follow process flows, enforce quality of information and remove the need for manual transferring data into digital systems.

Ask for a demo about the DEPOT for Mobile:

  • Gate Checklist
  • M&R Estimating
  • Heating Measurement Registration
  • Spare Parts - Stock Count Registration
  • Spare Parts - Order Registration
  • Signatures (additionals, EECD)

Contact our consultants or support desk for more information or to plan a demo!

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Save boatloads of time

No more manual pre-announcement input! By receiving your customers pre-announcements digitally, directly in DEPOT Software, you save boatloads of time.

You can set this up when your customer uses a TMS (Transport Management System) or for example TRANSFUSION or ONETOBEONE.

Contact our consultants to help you set up digital interfaces!

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New Personnel

We welcome new colleagues to our team. Joost Stam (Software Developer), Peter Peerlkamp (Technical Consultant) and Chaïm Vonk (Trainee Software Developer).