DEPOT Software Q1 2020 Releases | COVID-19 and our service to you

With people collectively fighting the COVID-19 virus around the world, we wanted to check in with you and express our hope that you and your loved-ones are well. Should your operations require our support in these troubled times, please rest assured that the DEPOT Software team is still available to help you. You will find our contact details at the bottom of this message.

Your time schedule may look somewhat different than a few weeks ago. With some extra time on your hands you may want to learn more about two major product releases we made this quarter that offers you even more efficiency, less human interaction and as a result fewer errors.

Hope to speak with you soon, meanwhile; stay healthy, stay safe!


NEW | Mobile M&R Estimating: fast, accurate, efficient

You are doing double the work by copying an estimation from a dirty piece of paper into your system, while frantically searching for the pictures belonging to the container.

Mobile M&R eliminates this time wasting activity by saving price estimations and pictures directly in DEPOT Software..

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NEW | Driver Kiosk, Manage by Exception!

With the Accompanied Cleaning for Driver Kiosk, depots and cleaning stations, can improve their service-level to drivers coming in to clean a container or truck. This solution eliminates paper forms, clears language barriers and reduces data input workload, leaving more time for the acceptant to focus on exceptions.

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Team DEPOT Software - Contact


T: +31 (0)78 68 11 502
E: [email protected]


T: +31 (0)78 68 11 502
E: [email protected]