DEPOT Software magazine: the easiest way to controle your depot activities

DEPOT Software offers the next generation depot yard management tools, preparing your company for the future and the rapidly changing world around you. Built on a solid and powerful fundament, supported by a growing number of modules, tools and apps.


The DEPOT Software magazine contains the following topics:

  • An quick introduction of DEPOT Software
  • The headlines of DEPOT Software: full-service depot yard, cleaning stations, transport & logistics and general features
  • Business Case: Frans de Wit
  • Business Case: NTC Tank Container Services
  • Free Mobile App: Depot Yard Photo Tool
  • Financial: from close-up to helicopter view
  • Financial features
  • Spotting trends
  • Business Case: Stubbe BV
  • DEPOT Software, modules & apps



What’s great about our profession is the close collaboration we have with other companies.
When we are asked to assist an organisation, we get the opportunity to work closely together,
building a solution perfectly matching their every needs.

Lucas Vos, CEO Lucrasoft ICT Group  


 The main advantage is the fact that is just one system. All our data goes into the same system, just once, and is then available for multiple services and departments. Keeping track of entire projects involving multiple services has become a simple operation now, also our billing process is greatly simplified.

Harry Dieckman, Technical manager Stubbe Logistics


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