Gerjan van der Giessen Marketing- & Communication Manager 8 December 2017

DEPOT Software extraordinary member ATCN

This week the Association of Tank cleaning Companies Netherlands (ATCN) has welcomed DEPOT Software as an extraordinary member. The ATCN is committed to maintaining a high level of quality of Dutch tank cleanings and also functions as an information center for the government and other interested parties.

The ATCN writes about this: “The members of the ATCN typically provide a high level of technical services and possess very modern technology for water treatment as well as a great sense of responsibility for the environment. ATCN members guarantee that the manner in which tanks are cleaned meets the stringent requirements of shippers and their customers. The fact that the requirements for the environment also play an important role goes without saying.”

We, as a supplier for at least 18 ATCN-approved tank cleaning organizations and issuers of the ECD in the Netherlands, can only agree with it.

With our ATCN membership, we would like to be and continue to be involved in the Dutch and European developments concerning regulation, safety, environment, and technique. We hope that exchanging knowledge concerning these matters will prove to be beneficial for all ATCN members using DEPOT Software, as well as other ATCN members who are looking for a better synergy between systems.

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