Depot for Mobile - Tech talk (3 of 3)

The tank container industry is a highly competitive low-margin business that is competing with multiple modes of transport. In such an environment costs need to be controlled and processes have to be lean. The industry is in need of solutions that improve processes and identify best practice procedures that result in smoother processes and lower costs. In part three of this blog series we tell you all about the possibilities working mobile can offer your company.

Development speed is key

Mobile applications do not only need to support four or five business processes, they have to work for a number of different business groups that asks for multiple applications each. As each group changes strategies and systems, tank container depots must be able to quickly and smoothly make updates to mobile workflow applications. If tank container depots want to remain competitive, businesses cannot be left waiting six months to a year for an application to be developed or updated. Depots are demanding mobile workflow applications for employees, partners and customers at the speed of the business. Depots need to run fast with their first mobile initiative.

Hybrid architecture

The success of a mobile app is very closely tied to the speed at which mobile workflow applications can be created and updated. Speedy mobile deployments come from two things:

  • Fast front-end development
  • Reliable and secured back-end data access

Front-end speed

On the front-end DEPOT for Mobile is focused on rapid deployment, intuitive design and user experience. We are able to deploy functional mobile workflow applications with easy-to-use interfaces for immersive and responsive experiences. DEPOT for Mobile is a robust app, we guarantee fast and secure data access from your Depot Software back-end.

Back-end reliability

Apps that are not built to handle the volume of data requests that might be expected from mobile applications, are prone to failure, downtime and ultimately, a bad user experience. To ensure a stable and reliable environment, DEPOT for Mobile is designed with an understanding of the back-end systems and built to deliver on those requirements.

We were able to solve the conflict between the mobile application user’s need to access data quickly, and the back-end user’s need to ensure that access to enterprise data is well secured, governed, and managed. With DEPOT for Mobile we offer tank container depots a robust business app that is both quick and secure. Exposing tank container depot assets is risky business and the greater the number of applications, users and systems, the greater the risk of assets being compromised.

The speed of DEPOT for Mobile primarily lies in secure access to back-end data. Speed on the front-end does not matter if an application’s intended content is locked away in systems all across the tank container depot. Although a few mobile projects might be possible on an ad hoc basis, custom code and point-to-point integration not only slow app development, they create a brittle infrastructure and increase security risks. We are able to offer secure, self-served data access from different depot service modules to multiple mobile workflow applications, in a scalable way. 


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