Depot for Mobile - Mobile on the rise (2 of 3)

The tank container industry is a highly competitive low-margin business that is competing with multiple modes of transport. In such an environment, costs need to be controlled and processes have to be lean. The industry is in need of solutions that improve processes and identify best practice procedures that result in smoother processes and lower costs. In part two of this blog series we tell you all about the possibilities working mobile can offer your company.


DEPOT for Mobile benefits:

Enable depot worker productivity

When employees can access important operations, products, customers, sales or data via mobile business applications, they spend more time working and making decisions on the go and less time catching up in the office. DEPOT for Mobile decreases the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. Instead of being behind the desk, employees are out in the field, making more informed decisions thanks to instant access to operational data, making use of best practices and existing workflows.

Increase & improve partner collaboration

Tank container depots want to simplify and streamline interactions with partners and suppliers. Mobile applications offer instantaneous communication, making it easy for all stakeholders in the supply chain to stay looped into the process. DEPOT for Mobile increases revenue opportunities by assessing all damage at the check-in process, reducing overtime hours spent on making estimates.


Improve customer interaction

Apps have created an expectation for incredible mobile experiences, even for business apps, and businesses need to deliver it seamlessly and securely. Mobile customer apps increase brand preference by enabling customers to shop, compare, buy, and access services at any time. It is the difference between driving to the nearest cleaning service or drive an extra 20 miles to visit your site!


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