Depot for Mobile - Blog recap

The tank container industry is a highly competitive low-margin business that is competing with multiple modes of transport. In such an environment costs need to be controlled and processes have to be lean. The industry is in need of solutions that improve processes and identify best practice procedures that result in smoother processes and lower costs. In part two of this blog series we tell you all about the possibilities working mobile can offer your company.


Why do tank container depots choose DEPOT for Mobile?

  • Increase the revenue of tank containers services;
  • Improve the first-time right rates;
  • Reduce the downtime of customers;
  • Reduce operational costs;
  • Improve forecasting and planning for service demand.

And much more

  • Day planning based on scheduled work orders.
  • Inventory checks to ensure all parts are available for planned work orders.
  • Find field technicians’ free slots in order to schedule a new customer installation work order.
  • Review customers’ service details and past purchases to enable field technicians to offer new service upgrades.
  • Information on customers’ special requirements or home configurations.
  • Customers are able to schedule installations for times they know they’ll be available.
  • Customers can reschedule an intervention with a technician on the spot.


Our promise, your benefit:

  • Your requirements: workflows tailored to your specific business processes and user needs.
  • Fast deployment: your fully customized workflow app ready in as little as three weeks.
  • Integrate easily: pluggable to your data with ready-to-use connectors and templates.
  • Change and evolve fast: make and deploy changes to the Field Service App
    and workflows in minutes.
  • Resources: we’ll build it for you with our expert team.


DEPOT for Mobile features


Ubiquitous connectivity   

Connect mobile applications to any source of data in the enterprise quickly and scalable.

Fast deployment and fast changes  

Self-service API access and composition enables developers to move fast, as often as they need.

Scalable IT architecture  

Expose back-end data to app developers by loosely coupling systems and without creating brittle point-to-point integrations.

Fast front-end, fast back-end  

DEPOT for Mobile allows for front-end speed while having robust back-end governance. Tank container depots are provided with self-service capabilities and access to data across the organization.

Governance and control  

DEPOT for Mobile helps to unlock data and assets by providing a layer of abstraction and control between mission-critical back-end systems and the front-end services offered to mobile users.

Speed & flexibility  

DEPOT for Mobile allows for the speed and flexibility necessary to quickly expose all sorts of data to mobile applications. DEPOT for Mobile allows developers to quickly create new mobile workflows from existing building blocks, ensuring fast access to everything in the enterprise. With the app console sitting between front-end applications and back-end systems, any changes made to the back-end won’t affect connections to mobile applications.


Access to the depot workflow library

  Make use of existing workflows, quickly adapt them to your current needs.