A free container industry image app: DEPOT Image app

Creating, sending and sharing Photo Reports on your depot yard or container terminal has never been easier. Since the release of the DEPOT Image App, this is done in just a swipe. Take photos on your smartphone or tablet and start sharing them with colleagues, customers, transporters or lease and insurance companies. 

“When a container is damaged, it’s always the question when it happend and who’s responsible for the costs. If an estimate is being drafted, the paying party wants to see what happened. This can be a time consuming job.” Productmanager Bart-Jan de Jong explains which issues are being solved with the release of the Image App.

“Using the Image App a Photo Report is generated in just a few clicks on a smartphone or tablet. After creating the report and uploading it into our secure cloud, it’s easily shared by sending a link to the project page. A great additional benefit is no more e-mail bounces due to large attachments.”

The Depot Image App can be used as a standalone mobile app or in combination with Depot Software. This Depot Management System is a world leading management solution providing a  full-service software solution for repair/cleaning depots and container terminals. Download the free iOS or Android app at www.depotimageapp.com

Free user manuals: