A Business Case of our customer NTC Tank Container Services

NTC Tank Container Service is a full-service tank container company, located in Botlek Rotterdam, The Netherlands. NTC consists of three entities: cleaning, depot and repair. The company started using DEPOT Software when they opened their cleaning station in May 2013.


 We have 11 washing lanes on our 5 hectare depot yard. Two are for food products, the others for chemicals. Those have to be well separated. On average we clean about 130 tank containers a day.

Michel Bosch, director NTC Tank Cleaning


“When I started at NTC, the system we used was limited. Basically it was just a database of the containers on the yard, linked to the accounting software Exact. During the development of DEPOT Software, there were many exploratory conversations in which we and other big players in the industry expressed our whishes and requirements. Based on these conversations, everything is included in DEPOT Software.  At NTC we have two forms of automation. The administration is the part Lucrasoft’s software captures, and the operational control is developed by Gröninger. Combined, they provide us with everything we need to operate and report. Invoices, notes, a database of our products, our cleaning programs, it includes everything. It’s a huge knowledgebase.”