A Business Case of our customer Frans de Wit

Frans de Wit is a Logistic Service Provider, specialized in logistics and storage of liquid chemicals in tank containers. The company handles transport, storage, heating and customs handling. On the same yard in in Moerdijk, the Netherlands, is Moerdijk Tancontainer Repair (MTR) located, a workshop for repair of empty tank containers.

Frans de Wit B.V. uses DEPOT Software since May 2014 for all depot activities and administration. We spoke with CEO Lars de Wit about his experiences so far.

“When we started Moerdijk Tankcontainer Repair after a take-over, we suddenly had a workshop on our yard. We needed a system with which we could simply estimate the damage on a tank container, and invoice the repair. The software we used to have only registered the incoming and outgoing containers and calculated the days a container was stored on our yard. I was able to put a price tag on it, nothing more.

I started looking around and soon ended up at Lucrasoft. At first, our conversations focused on repair, but I soon discovered there were more possibilities that would fit our needs. It turned out to be a system to administer and invoice the complete life cycle of a tank container on a yard, from different entities. We now have a beautiful package, intuitively and logically put together".